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If you do not have WORDPRESS, then we CREATED a JAVASCRIPT and PHP version


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Shalom everyone,

While not everyone runs a WordPress site, we have provided a means by which you can display the latest Worthy News and Worthy Devotions on your site.

We have both a PHP and a JAVASCRIPT version.  To create the proper code to insert into your page, simply go to the CODE GENERATOR and create a script for site.

If you have any questions, simply ask away!

God bless,


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On 4/16/2020 at 8:19 PM, YHWHrulz said:


I have used the Javascript code with no problems but would like to know if there is a way to slightly increase the font size as some of our older members are having some difficulty reading the text as it stands.



Shalom YHWrlz,

These are the classes you can set up in a CSS File to control every aspect of the script.

worthy_news_stories is the DIV that controls the entire widget

then you have ... worthy _news_story_title is the class to control the title 

and then worthy_news_story_excerpt ... is the class to control the excerpt

So you could in your CSS something like this

.worthy_news_stories { width:300px; border: 1px solid #000; padding:5px; }
.worthy_news_story_title { font-size:15px; }
.worthy_news_story_excerpt { font-size:12px; }

In this CSS it would create a solid box with 1 point solid black border with a 5 pixel border for all the content within the stories div.  Within the div you would have a title that is 15 pixels and a excerpt under it with 12 pixels.

Basically you have complete freedom to control its output with the 3 classes.

God bless,


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